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Tired of online dating? Looking to share your love with a partner that fits what you’re looking for? Join SITC Matchmaking and let Shanny do the work for you. Exclusive, personalized Matchmaking can save you time in your search for Mr. or Mrs. Right.

Dating Consulting

Shanny meets one on one for hourly coaching, discussing any dating issues you may have. As a certifed Life Coach, Shanny ensures that you master important life skills such as active listening that are crucial for a successful first date.

Life Skills Coaching

Before Getting Matched, it is crucial that you work on maintaining a healthy and happy lifestyle. Shanny creates a unique program for you that allows you to work independently to attain your goals one step at a time.


Fact: Women tend to gravitate to a man that is in the company of another attractive woman. Use Shanny as your personal “Wingwoman” at any city event and become a singles magnet!

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